Recognized Holidays

* January 1  -  New Year's Day

* Third Monday in January - Martin Luther King Day

* Third Monday in February - President's Day

* Last Monday in May - Memorial Day

* July 4 - Independence Day

* First Monday in September - Labor Day

* Second Monday in October - Columbus Day

* First Tuesday in November - Election Day

* November 11 - Veteran's Day

* Fourth Thursday in November - Thanksgiving Day
            ***City Offices will close at 12:00 p.m. Friday, November 24th 

* December 25 - Christmas Day
            ***City Offices will close at 12:00 p.m. Friday, December 22nd 

** When a Holiday falls on a Saturday, City Offices will recognize the Holiday and be closed on the previous day, Friday.

**When the Holiday falls on a Sunday, City Offices will recognize the Holiday and will be closed on the next day, Monday.
Office Hours
Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm  
 Closed Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
City Of Hardin Administration Office
406 N. Cheyenne
Hardin, MT 59034
ph 406-665-9292 
~ fax 406-665-2719
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Hardin, Montana
​               A city with a reason...

Mission Statement 
The City of Hardin organization team works together to:
    *Provide the citizens of Hardin with safe, efficient, and cost-effective public services, utilities, and streets,
    *Maintain good quality residential neighborhoods that provide safe, attractive housing for all of the citizens in the community. 
    *Give assistance and professional guidance in the areas of industrial development policies, highway commercial and tourism development, downtown business district policies, and residential development policies.

Value Plan 
Our value plan is customer attention. We develop relationships with our customers by seeking to understand and deliver the products and services they need.

Operating Plan 
Our commitment to the City of Hardin is to provide innovative solutions to create and preserve affordable drinking water, effective sanitary sewer and storm drain systems, a safe and protected drinking water distribution system, improve traffic safety and efficiency, and preserve the quality and property values of existing residential neighborhoods. We are a mission-driven organization focused on fulfilling the needs of our diverse customer base, We value our customers. We are their trusted resource of outstanding service, creative solutions, and relevant products. Our employees are essential to our success. We've formed our organization on integrity, expertise, fiscal responsibility and dedication to our mission. 

Our values
    * We esteem integrity, expertise, fiscal responsibility, professionalism, operational excellence, and dedication to our mission.
    * We provide opportunities for City of Hardin employees, and demand exceptional creativity, professionalism, productivity, persistence, and the exercise of personal accountability to the organization and the City of Hardin.
    * We recognize and promote diversity in our customers, partners, and employees and work towards inclusion in all programs, activities, and decisions.