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Code Enforcement Officer
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Ordinance 2010-04   :   Snow and Ice Removal
Ordinance 2010-19   :   Street Numbers

Ordinance 2011-11   :   Regarding Sump Pumps

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Sump Pump Information Letter

It has come to our attention that some of our homes and businesses do not have numbered addresses on their buildings. 

The City of Hardin does have an ordinance that requires displayed numbers. 

It is a simple request for numbers, at least three inches in height, placed on exterior walls, as near as possible to the front entrance and clearly visible from the nearest street or roadway. 

The color of the numerals should be in contrast of the building color and reflective numerals are allowed.

For the sake of safety, deliveries and emergency response, we hope owners of unmarked buildings will take the time to place the correct address numbers.

There are merchants in Hardin that sell such numbers. We are sure they will help you make a selection.

Thank You,
Joseph V. Koebbe 

Hardin, Montana
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Code Enforcement
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Ordinance 2012-05   :   Amendment of Title 6, Chapter 2 Regarding Dogs, Cats and Small Animals
Ordinance 2012-06   :   Regarding Business Licenses
Ordinance 2012-08  :  Amendment of Title 6, Chapter 2 Regarding Dogs, Cats and Small Animals
Ordinance 2012-09  :  Amendment of Title 6, Chapter 2 Regarding Dogs, Cats and Small Animals
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Ordinance 2016-02  :  Amending Title 5, Chapter 5, Beer and Wine Regulations
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