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Hot Ash in garbage cans.
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Resolution NO. 2012  City's Fee Schedule for Sewer and Water Plant Investment Fees
Hardin Study Commission Report 2016
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The City of Hardin would like to ask the Public to Please Do Not place any hand sanitizer wipes, masks, cleaning wipes or any other products that are not meant to be flushed in the City sewer system. This will help to ensure that the public sewer system  functions properly and runs efficiently. 
Ordinance NO. 2021-01: Establishing a Curb Stop and Curb Stop Box Replacement Fund
Resolution NO. 2260 - Setting Fees for the Curb Stop and Curb Stop Box Replacement Fund
Community Watch
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NO business is to be conducted, but there is a possibility for a quorum to be present
2021 Drinking Water Quality Report
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February 20, 2024
Council Packet

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Resolution NO. 2300 - Amending the Budget for FY 2021-2022
Resolution NO. 2301 - Assessing the Cost of Street Maintenance District Number 1 - FY 2022/2023
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The  submission deadline to submit items to be on the Council Agenda is 
Wednesday, 12:00 p.m. before a Tuesday Council meeting
City of Hardin
Police Department
2022 Report
2022 Drinking Water Quality Report
Animal Control is a Part - Time position.
If you need Animal Control Assistance, please call 406-665-7900, dispatch.  They will collect information and have our Animal Control Officer respond as they are available.
Ordinance NO. 2023-08: To Prohibit Feeding and Attracting Animals
Ordinance NO. 2023-09: Increasing Maximum Fence Height for Front Yards of Residential Areas
Public Notice
Annual Report for FY ending June 30, 2023 for the Hardin Tax Increment Finance District filing
Snow Route
Resolution NO. 2348 - Amending the Landfill Fee Schedule
Pet License Applications
January 2, 2024 Committee & Council Packet
January 16, 2024 Council Packet
Snow and Ice Removal
Legal Notice
Request for Proposal (RFP)
for Professional Services
Master Plan for Wayfinding and Signage
February 6, 2024 Council Meeting
Ordinance NO. 2024-03  - Change Dimensions of a Private Garage Accessory Building
Ordinance NO. 2024-01  -  Fireworks During New Years Eve
Ordinance NO. 2024-02  -  Change Definitions of Driveways  and Regulate Parking on Driveways and Boul
Ordinance NO. 2024-04 - Establishing Uniform Street Widths for New Construction
Ordinance NO. 2024-05  - Update the Floodplain Regulations
Second Readings of Ordinances 2024-01 to 2024-05 from the February 20th meeting are listed below. The Ordinances take effect and are in force thirty (30) days from the date of its second reading.
February 20, 2024 Council Meeting
Ordinance NO. 2024-06  - FIRST READING - Remove a Certain Type of Use for Areas Zoned as R2 General Residential District
First Reading of Ordinance 2024-06 from the February 20th meeting is listed below. 
Resolution NO. 2359- Calling for an Election on the Question of Conducting a Local Government Review  and Establishing a Study Commission