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Landfill Tipping Fees

Resolution 2348 : Amending Landfill Fee Schedule ~ Signed September 5, 2023
Effective Date:  October 1, 2023

Residential Vehicle bringing in solid waste                                                      $ 45.05 per ton​
​              with a minimum  fee for garbage between 1 and 270 pounds         $  6.20

1.  Compacted and non compacted garbage:
      Compacted and non-compacted garbage will have a fee of $45.05 per ton.

2. Pick ups or equivalent sized trailers:
     Pick ups or equivalent sized trailers hauling materials, except those with special fees shall be assessed as follows:
            a) Cars/Small pickup trucks - $6.20
            b) Pickup truck/Small trailers - $12.20

3. Compactable Material (Construction & Demo):     
     Compactable material such as demolition debris, wood, household debris, tree removal refuse and all other refuse not covered by special fees shall be assessed at a rate of $45.05 per ton.    

4. Non-compactable material:    
     Non compactable material such as asphalt, rocks, concrete, dirt, gravel, timbers, tree stumps, and all other non-compactable materials shall be assessed at a rate of $45.05 per ton. 

     Clean Fill Dirt - subject to T-CLPS verification $16.50

5. Special Fees will be assessed to all loads that contain the following:

           a) Whole Tires:    
​               Car or Light Trucks (up to 17") - $6.20 each
                Large Truck (17" to 24") - $12.20
                Equipment Tires (grader size) - $30.15
                Large amounts of tires separated from refuse- $174.05 per ton
           b) Cut tires - $174.05 per ton.
           c) Refrigerators, air conditions, and all other materials containing                                refrigerants:     $54.10 Freon recovery fee unless accompanied by written                 certification that the Freon has been recovered.
           d) Dead animals - Non-Euthanized $45.05 each
                                            Euthanized $168.40 minimum + per additional ton
           e) Asbestos: (check with Landfill for complete regulations
                       Non-friable                              $45.05 per ton 
​                       Friable - Minimum                $168.40
                                       per additional ton  $168.40

6. City of Hardin residents hauling non-business waste in a vehicle no larger than a 3/4 ton pickup truck or an equivalent size trailer will not be charged a dumping fee.

​7. All commercial waste, not charged through other assessments shall be charged as provided by resolution.

Garbage Routes & Schedule


Mondays & Thursdays:
All Street/Alleys Running 
North & South

Tuesdays & Fridays:
All Streets/Alleys Running
 East & West

Commercial Businesses & 
Trailer Courts

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Monday thru Saturday

No Garbage is picked up on 
Sundays or Holidays!

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2024 Holiday Closure
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Acceptable, Special, Prohibited Waste and Items All Residents Will Be Charged for
Resolution NO. 2158 - Landfill Fee Schedule - Clean fill dirt
Resolution NO. 2158 - Landfill Fee Schedule - Clean fill dirt