Hardin, Montana
​               A city with a reason...
Hardin is fortunate to be surrounded by these beautiful and historic attractions.
Beartooth Scenic Highway

     This 68 mile highway winds through southwestern Montana and northwestern Wyoming leading to Yellowstone National Park's northeast entrance.

​Located 50 miles from Hardin


Big Horn County Museum

     Step into the past as you walk through this outdoor museum featuring historic buildings, vehicles and an old railroad depot.

​Located 1 mile from Hardin

Chief Plenty Coups State Park

Explore the homestead and log house of the renowned Crow chief Plenty Coups.

​Located 68 miles from Hardin

Crow Fair

This annual event occurs for 1 week in August.  
Known as the "Teepee Capital of the World" this
 includes rodeos, pow wows and parades.

Located 15 miles from Hardin

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Custer famous "Last Stand" was held just 15 miles south east of Hardin.  Tour the battleground and visit the museum at this National Monument.

Located 15 miles from Hardin

Pictograph Caves

Learn about prehistoric hunters and view rock paintings (pictographs) dating back 2000 years at this National Historic Landmark.

​Located 49 miles from Hardin

Yellowstone National Park

Located just 300 miles west of Hardin is the beautiful Yellowstone Park.  Full of wild animals, camping, fishing and hiking this visit will leave you amazed.

​Located 300 miles from Hardin

​Pompey's Pillar

This sandstone butte holds the only physical evidence left of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  Climb the butte and see William Clark's signature carved in the stone.

Located 36 miles from Hardin
Bighorn River

One of the top fly fishing destinations in the United States, this river flows through Montana and Wyoming.  Hire a guide, visit a lodge or go it alone and enjoy fishing this beautiful river.

Located 1 mile from Hardin